Published On: August 6ᵗʰ, 2019 02:09

Cisco Enterprise Network Function Virtualization Infrastructure Software Configuration Guide, Release 3.10.1

To debug issues in the NFVIS system, you must get into linux shell through a procedure of challenge-response between the device and the Cisco server ( Only an admin user can start this procedure.

To configure system shell-access:

  1. Open in your web browser.

  2. Login with Cisco username and password assigned to you.

  3. Copy and paste the challenge string from the NFVIS system generated from system shell-access command.

  4. Enter the OTP.

    A response string is generated by the system.

  5. Enter the response string onto the NFVIS command page.

  6. Enter the admin password. You get shell-access if password is validated

  7. 8. To exit shell-access enter Exit.